Balkan Bridges Songbook

The songbook features 19 songs from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Songs are transcribed in two, three and four voice harmony with complete translations and a pronounciation guide. The companion CD includes all 19 songs in duet, quartet, large and small ensemble combinations. Some songs are a cappella, others accompanied by accordians, guitar, bass, tamburicas and dumbek.

BOOK and CD: $32,   BOOK only: $17,  CD only:  $15

Mary Cay Brass lived in the former Yugoslavia on a Fulbright scholarship from 1976-1978. She currently directs several community choruses specializing in music from Balkans as well as other community-based traditional singing styles.

"We have hoped through our singing of these beautiful songs to ‘humanize’ the peoples of the former Yugoslavia; to give a picture of their lives through dance songs, love songs, wedding and ritual songs, songs of joy and sadness. In creating this book with its companion CD, we hope to make these songs accessible to a wider variety of people. And, through our sharing of these songs, help to build some new bridges between peoples." -Mary Cay Brass

22 pp. Plastic binding. Collected and edited by Mary Cay Brass. Mary Cay Brass's book and CD from Community Music and Dance (the parent company of New England Dancing Masters).



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