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This page last updated: July 2, 2012

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New England Dancing Masters editors Andy Davis, Mary Cay Brass, and Peter and Mary Alice Amidon are all professional dance musicians, callers, and dance teachers. All have extensive experience teaching dance to elementary school students, both as music teachers and as artists-in-residence. They have time-tested the dances and singing games published here in classrooms and at community dances all over the country.

These collections have become classics; many teachers base their dance curriculums largely on the dances found in them, and many leaders of community and family dances have a repertoire largely drawn from Chimes of Dunkirk, Jump Jim Joe, Listen to the Mockingbird, and Down in the Valley.

Our newest titles are below; for the full catalogue, see the links at left.

I'm Growing Up: Fingerplays, Action Songs, Singing Games and Stories for Young Children

2012. Edited by Mary Alice Amidon and Andy Davis


I'm Growing Up

Mary Alice and Andy have drawn on their extensive experience in the classroom to assemble this collection, which includes their favorite movement activities for children in preschool, kindergarten and the early primary grades.

The book is accompanied by a DVD and a CD so that you can learn by seeing and hearing, as well as having all the instructions and music transcription in the book itself.

70 pages. Wire binding.

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Book, DVD & CD: $35

($6 shipping & handling)

Alabama Gal

2011. Edited by Mary Cay Brass, Andy Davis, Peter Amidon and Mary Alice Amidon

Alabama Girl

Alabama Gal, edited by Mary Cay Brass, Andy Davis, Peter Amidon and Mary Alice Amidon, contains nine favorite selections from the 100+ dances and singing games in the New England Dancing Masters five current collections, all together in one convenient volume.

Alabama Gal includes complete written instructions to the dances, a DVD with Mary Cay, Andy, Mary Alice and Peter teaching each of the dances to children, and an audio CD to accompany the dancing.

$30 for combination book/CD/DVD

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5-Songbook, 5-CD set

We are pleased to offer a set of 5 songbooks and CDs at a special discounted rate of $13.50 each item ($27 per set, with discounted shipping) when you buy all five!

The set includes songbooks and CDs for the following collections: The Chimes of Dunkirk, Down in the Valley, Jump Jim Joe, Listen to the Mockingbird, and Sashay the Donut. (Click a title for more information and to sample mp3s from the CDs.)

NEDM 5-Book, 5-CD Set: $135.00

Sashay the Donut
Even More Dances for Just About Anybody

Edited by Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, Andy Davis and Mary Cay Brass.

Any Jig or Reel CD cover

Our third collection, designed to compliment Chimes of Dunkirk and Listen to the Mockingbird. A collection of 22 more dances that we have used successfully in classrooms and at community dances. Dance instructions are carefully worded with accompaning photos, diagrams and glossary. Includes longways, circles, contras, squares and scatter mixers. Companion CD features dance length recordings of appropriate music for the dances. Music captures the excitement of dancing to live music in a community dance setting. The two square dances include singing calls on the recording.

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Book: $17.00

CD: $15.00